Tesla Solar Roofs Review: Is It Worth The Price?

solar-panelsIn 2016, Tesla held a joint event with SolarCity in Los Angeles to showcase their newest product, a solar Paneled Roof. Shortly after, the product began selling out years in advance. A little over four years later, Tesla brags that they have transformed over four hundred thousand roofs – or ten million solar panels – throughout the United States. Within that time other competitors have entered the market, but none have been able to rival Tesla’s durability and sustainability. All in all, it’s been a very impressive launch for the over-performing company. The question still remains though, is it worth it to drop a whole lot of cash on the Tesla Solar Roof? 

The Positives: 

As stated above, there is a whole lot to love about the solar roof. Just for starters, the long-term value is undeniable. With superior ratings in every  durability department, this roof is built to last. Its wind rating tops its competition with a class rating of F. For those not familiar, an F does not stand for failure in the wind rating game. Instead, it means that the  roof  can withstand winds of one hundred and ten miles per hour for over two hours. That’s surviving a category two hurricane without a flinch. The roof’s fire rating fairs even better than its wind rating. With a class A score, the roof has the highest rating possible. Meaning that it is ready for whatever comes its way.  

While all of that durability is great, the warranty is what really drives the value on the Solar Roof. The roof is covered by three separate warranties that are all standouts. The tile warranty does exactly what you’d think. It covers damage to the tiles for twenty-five years. Making one of the most common expenditures essentially zero for a very long time. The  Power Warranty  and Weatherization Warranty are also covered for twenty-five years. Protecting yourself against damage well outside of your control while giving you the financial freedom to worry about other household needs.  

The final reason that the Tesla Solar Roof is a terrific option is right in the name: Tesla. There’s no guess work when working with Tesla, they handle the entire construction process from beginning to end. From the roof removal to roofing to powering on the new unit, Tesla’s army of contractors will be there for you. By partnering with Tesla, you are able to take out the guesswork of hiring an independent contractor. There are third party companiethat install Tesla roofs as well, but by ordering through Tesla you get all of the amenities of a national corporation building your roof. The ease and peace of mind that you will enjoy in contrast to other roofing options cannot be overstated. In all, building your roof with Tesla is a simple process that is made cost affordable in the long-term. So, what’s not to love? 

The Negatives: 

There are a lot of reasons to love the Tesla Solar Roof, but here’s one big reason to be cautious and to really take your time deciding on whether or not to invest with Tesla. Do you need to completely re-build your roof or would  minor repairs  do the trick? It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of Tesla. With every new invention it seems like we’re one step closer to the future. Still, back here in the present, there are a lot of other great alternatives for solar power.  

If you do not need to rebuild your roof tile by tile, looking into an independent solar panel is a great option. It’s much less hassle, far cheaper, and the results are very similar. The Tesla Solar Roof will save you money on your monthly  electric bill, but the cost of building the roof will greatly outweigh the benefit for years to come. Generally, it takes thirty to forty years before you start seeing the roof paying for itself. Meanwhile, it’s closer to ten years before the regular solar power starts turning a profit. 

Additionally, it’s worthwhile to check your state laws to see what incentives exist for solar energy storage. The price of storage varies greatly depending on what market you are in and the costs may quickly outpace the positives. You may find that solar is the deal of a lifetime or a harbinger of debt. It’s important to have these conversations before any final purchases are made. 

As with everything, the answer for whether the Tesla Solar Roof is right for you lies in the details. If you are needing to replace your roof and your value is in the long-term, then the Solar Roof might be perfect for you. If your roof needs some minor repairs or is ready to withstand several more years, then investing in an independent solar panel may be your best bet. No matter what, it’s important to double check local solar incentives and taxes to make sure nothing is going to come back to haunt you.