I am obsessed with the history, legacy, and fine grain craftsmanship of woodworking. My fascination began during my first year of middle school. I had an incredible carpentry teacher who taught me all about lathes, table saws, routers, cabinetry, and the various types of wood. They say to teach a man to fish is to feed him for life. My teacher taught me to build the fishing pole. I pursued carpentry and ten years after that introductory class, I founded my own roofing business in Germantown, Wisconsin. 

In my spare time, I’m also now teaching architecture at the local community college. It’s my chance to give back to inspire younger generations just like my teacher before me. Many of the blogs at this website are built around the lessons I teach to my students. Such as advice on roofing, wood restoration, cabinets, wood decks, custom home exterior pieces, and the history of carpentry. 

Make sure you check back regularly for brand new carpentry focused content. Feel free to reach out through my contact page with any questions or thoughts. I’m always happy to help out! 

Jason Geer